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Andres-Francheska Duo was created in July 2021. 

The two have been playing guitar since they were young and continue to evolve as guitarists. 

The duo despite having full-time jobs, play and record music for guitar frequently. They both share the love of classical music from the romantic to the modern era. 

Part of their creative process is finding  new spaces and developing their musical character.  By bringing their two different timbres and experiences together, they create a unique ambiance as a duo.


Both explore new composers and music for the guitar, while still keeping the classical guitar's intimate tradition alive. The two hope to simplify the complex world of classical guitar music and strive to reach audiences outside of its community.  

Francheska and Andres participate regularly in advanced guitar classes and have experiences in performing. 

Andrés and Francheska both play on a Michael Cadiz guitar.

They are both based in San Francisco, CA.

For inquiries and engagements, please use the contact form

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